Faculty In-charges /Officers

Convenors Academic Committees

S.No. Function Name
1 Convenor Deptt. Doctoral Programme Committee Prof. Shubhi Purwar
2 Convenor Deptt. Masters Programme Committee Dr. Deepak Kumar
3 Convenor Deptt. Under Graduate Committee Dr. Nitin Singh


Officer in charge [OC] Labs

S.No. Laboratory Name of OC
1 Control Lab Dr. Nitin Singh
2 CRU Lab Dr. Navneet Kumar Singh
3 Electrical Machines Lab Prof. Rajesh Gupta
4 Electrical Club Dr. Navneet Kumar Singh
5 Measurement Lab Prof. Asheesh Kumar Singh
6 Power Electronics Lab Prof. Paulson Samuel
7 Power System & HV Lab Dr. M. Venkatesh Naik
8 Seminar Room Dr. M. Venkatesh Naik
9 Simulation Lab Dr. Deepak Kumar
10 Virtual Instrumentation Lab Dr. Niraj Kumar Choudhary


Faculty in Charges [FI]

S.No.  Function Name
1 Convenor Deptt. Resource Purchase Committee Prof. Rajesh Gupta
2 FI TEQIP Prof. Asheesh Kumar Singh
3 FI Timetable and Exams Dr. Niraj Kumar Choudhary
4 FI B.Tech. Projects Prof. Richa Negi
5 Chair Website management Committee Prof. Paulson Samuel
6 FI NBA [PG] Dr. Deepak Kumar
 7 FI NBA [UG] Dr. M. Venkatesh Naik
8 Dy FI NBA [PG] Dr. Himanshu Misra
9 Dy FI NBA [UG] Dr. Dipayan Guha
10 FI Industry Institute relations and visits Dr. M. Venkatesh Naik
11 FI Annual Report Dr. Navneet Kumar Singh
12 FI Departmental Library & Seminar Hall Dr. M. Venkatesh Naik
13 FI Consultancy and Testing Prof. Rajesh Gupta
14 FI Alumni information and Interaction Dr. Navneet Kumar Singh